Sewer Drain Pipe Lining in Covina, CA, and Surrounding Areas

Do you have a broken sewer drain, or do you suspect roots may have invaded your line? We can help! By saving you money on your sewer drain repair or replacement. Lining the inside of your entire sewer drain without having to excavate much will save you money and quickly solve the problem. At The Drain Doctor, we are the experts in sewer drain pipelining in Covina, CA, and the nearby areas. That’s why we are called The Drain Doctor.

In addition, our drain lining method of installing liners is a “non-invasive” way to repair damaged drains. Rather than digging up your entire front yard to replace the main sewer line, we can dig a considerably smaller hole and take care of the entire main sewer line, fixing the problem more efficiently. This ultimately helps people save a lot of money.

We have an innovative and cost-effective way to repair your main sewer drain line without extensive excavation, disruption, and unusual property damage. Be assured you are getting the best with our newly introduced trenchless technology.